Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order an orchid as a gift?
Absolutely. Just tell us the details and we will design something wonderful for whatever the occasion. Also be sure to fill out the "Personal Message" section to be included with the gift.

Do you offer any type of Guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee the quality of each and every orchid and plant that we ship. Therefore if the plant does not match your expectations, simply contact us and Haute House Orchids will immediately replace it. We will work together to ensure your satisfaction, however, if not satisfied, we will refund your money.

What if there is damage in shipping?
We pride ourselves on packing with great care to ensure the orchids arrive safely. However, if there is severe damage, simply contact us and Haute House Orchids will resend a replacement immediately.

Why don't I buy an inexpensive orchid at the grocery store or big box store?
We are a small, family run business operating with extreme pride and care. Our plants are grown longer in the nursery and are shipped directly from the greenhouses, ensuring the freshest, healthiest and most beautiful of plants. They are not handled several times through major distribution centers, or are kept on shelves of stores not climatically controlled for long periods of time. Our orchid plants will stay healthier longer and produce more beautiful, longer lasting flowers.

Can I customize an order?
If there is something special you would like, of course, contact us and together we can work out the details and pricing. We make every effort to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Plant Care Questions:

I always thought that orchids are hard to grow. It that true?
Haute House Orchids has carefully selected the types of orchids that are the most stunning as well as the hardiest and easiest for the novice to grow. Simply follow the care instructions on the website and you are sure to have success. We also include care sheets with every orchid that we send.

Will my Phalaenopsis Orchid re-bloom again?
Yes. For the phalaenopsis, cut the wilted stem right above the third node from the bottom. Place the plant in bright, indirect light and continue watering and fertilize with a mix of 20-10-20 at half strength every other week. A new stem will regrow and flower again in about 2 months.

Why is my plant getting pests?
It's usually an indication of the plant being unhappy or stressed in its present situation. Consider the climate, air movement and watering schedule. See the Care Instructions for your type of orchid plant.

How do I control mealy bugs?
The safest way is by using rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and touching the bug. You can also spray with rubbing alcohol which will not damage the plant. This will eliminate the live bug, but not the un-hatched egg so you may need to repeat as necessary.

Why did my plant develop a fungus and/or root rot?
This is usually caused by over watering or too much moisture in the air. Allow the plant to partially dry out between waterings and increase air circulation.

Why are some flower buds turning yellow and falling off?
Try avoiding any fumes and gases from stoves, automobiles, or cigarettes. This can also be a sign of stress due to low humidity or temperatures that are too high.

Haute House Orchids is the premier provider of the finest Orchids available on the market.
Each order is hand-selected by our caring growers and carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival.
Haute House Orchids is located in Vista, CA.